Key Deer Update Oct 26
by Kim on October 26th, 2016

Key Deer Update 10/26

***Update 10/26***
quoted from Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex on Facebook:

"Screwworm Treatment Update:
Because treatments occur late into the night, these numbers are from Monday, 10/24. Staff and trained volunteers have so far treated 245 male and 346 female Key deer with the antiparasitic Doramectin. On Monday specifically, we treated 69 males and 87 females. Each animal will require weekly treatments to continue to protect them from screwworm.
On Monday, we are happy to report that no additional Key deer had to be euthanized! On Tuesday, 10/25, we did unfortunately have to euthanize 2 animals whose screwworm infestations were so advanced they would not be able to recover. This brings the total deceased Key deer to 117; 114 have been euthanized and 3 were found dead."

I will be going up to help sometime next week, so if you are interested in riding up with me, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your concern and your help. -Kim

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