Help the Key Deer
by Kim on October 22nd, 2016

Endangered Key Deer need our help!

Key Deer are being affected by deadly fly larvae called New World Screwworm.

This page provides links, contact information, and updates for those of you with whom I have connected through Facebook. I am offering to provide transportation via the Up The Keys tour van for volunteers as our schedule allows. 

If you can volunteer to help the Key Deer, you can help save these special endangered creatures.
In an effort to help the Key Deer, I have attended the volunteer training at the Key Deer Refuge and hands-on training in the field on Big Pine Key. Volunteers are being asked to administer anti-parasitic medications to healthy and recently infected Key Deer and to mark them as being treated. In order to do this, we must feed the Key Deer bread soaked with the medication. Contrary to what the National Key Deer Refuge has so strongly emphasized, officials are asking us to feed the deer specific healthy fruits and vegetables to lure them to the lifesaving medicated bread. 

Volunteers for this process will most likely be needed for the next two months. I will post when I am available to offer free transportation to those who want a ride up to Big Pine. ​This will most often be in the early evenings, which is the best time to find the key deer anyway. Please comment below or email me to sign up to ride with me. I will send out an email as soon as I know when I am available. ​

Training consists of a 1-1/2 hour briefing at the Key Deer Refuge Visitor Center and hands-on training in the field around sunset. If I can offer free transport for this, I will.


Volunteering: email Park Ranger Kristie Killam [email protected]

About the New World Screwworm: visit Florida Department of Agriculture ​. Sign up on this page to stay up to date on the latest available information.

Free Transportation* via Up The Keys 15-passenger van from Key West/Lower Keys: email Kim [email protected]

Frequently asked questions: National Key Deer Refuge information page
*I am offering free transportation when I have time to go and the Up The Keys van is available.

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